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Key Screen Shots of a Trailer

September 30, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

These nine shots are great as they show key scenes from the trailer and they give me an idea of all the different ones that we can use in our trailer.

The first shot is good as it shows the characteristics of one of the main characters. He has his hand on a bottle and is grinning and from this you can sum up at once that he is laid back and perhaps a bit of a joker. This is shown using a low angled shot which makes the shot look more interesting than if it was just at a straight angle.

The second shot has a woman looking into a mirror and this shows that she is maybe depressed and questioning herself.  This reveals part of her character and again through one shot develops her character.

The third shot shows an over the shoulder shot which reveals the man talking to the woman. He is grinning in a smug sort of  way which lets you see that he has more power over her. This is another shot that makes the film very interesting and that we should use in our trailer.

The fourth shot is a long shot which take you further into the film and gives you a better understanding of the storyline. In it there is a meeting going on in an expensive looking room with televisions of the wall and a panoramic view of  skyscrapers which lets you see that it is set in a densely populated city area. This is a great shot as it shows so much and in itself  lets the audience member imagine the plot.

The fifth shot has the man cowering up against a wall with the woman standing very close to him, looking very angry and threatening. This is another key shot as it shows that the power has now switched from the man to the woman and she is now controlling him, even though he is a man and is much taller.

The sixth shot shows a woman running down the street making a lot of birds take flight. I think this is an excellent shot as it is well planned and it makes the overall trailer have an all together higher quality. If you have shots like this in the trailer then the audience will be more likely to go and watch the film as it gives a big indication of the quality of the entire film.

The seventh shot is another good one as it shows the relationship of two of the main characters and the chemistry that there is between them. This is pulled off very well and it is something that we as a group can replicate to help develop the relationships in the trailer much quicker without having to waste precious seconds doing it in a longer way.

The eighth shot is of the main titles and this is one of the most important parts of the trailer as it tells the audience what kind of  genre it is. These main titles show gold writing with a little sun going above it on a black background. There is very good contrast in the colours and the whole title is pulled off very effectively and it helps to give the film a classy.

The ninth shot shows a pair obviously presenting a show on television. This shot is good as it uses graphics to back up the plot and again gives the viewer a better insight into the film without wasting time. This is something we could use in our trailer to great effect.


Audience Research

September 30, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

We asked a number of people in our target audience why they watch the films they do and do trailers make a big difference? This is to determine what are the most important features of a trailer from the viewers point of view and what we must include in our trailer to make it successful. The most important question that needs to be answered is do trailers make a big difference when it comes to deciding what films to go and watch?

Why choose the films you do?

Of the people we asked most said that they watch a film to relax and be entertained. They want the film to capture their imagination and take them to a different reality so they can forget their own problems. Some people said that it depends what mood they are in for example if they are feeling depressed they will watch a sad love story. One thing that was very important for the viewer was the advertising of the film. If they saw the film being advertised on television and posters in public places they would more likely go and see it.

This is important for our research as it gives us an idea of  what sort of trailer we want to make and how we can adapt it to fit in with our target audience.

Do trailers make a difference?

When people were asked about trailers and if they are needed most said that the trailer is very important for them when it comes to choosing what film they are going to go and see. Some people said that the trailer had a very big impact and contributed greatly to the idea of the film being good or not. It is a snippet of what you are expecting to see and the trailer should definitely make you want to go and see the film. If the trailer is bad then they won’t go and see it.

This helps us get an idea of what our trailer needs to be composed of. We must convey a clear storyline and show in the trailer what we expect our film to be like if we were actually going to make it. The trailer needs to stand out and make the audience want to watch it again.

What attracts people to trailers?

The music is seen as one of the most important parts of the trailer. If it is good it can draw people in and reveal the genre of the film to the audience. The captions are another thing that people like to see when they watch a trailer. This helps the story and develops the characters. The way it portrays the film is another neccessary asset, if the editing was very slow or the music is not good everyone agreed that they would not be interested in the film.

We need to make the trailer so the viewer can imagine the entire film. We could use a voice over as one way of  introducing the plot and cast. Above all the music we choose needs to be key to our choosen genre. 

What puts people off  trailers?

The one thing that everyone said they hated in a bad trailer was that they didn’t understand the storyline. If it is not clear then they won’t understand it so therefore have no idea about the film so will not go and see it. Another point was the editing. It was stated that the editing needed be fast, very fast in some cases. If the acting is not very good again people will be put off and therefore will not want to make the effort to go to the cinema and see it.

What we can learn from this is that we need to make a trailer with a good storyline that emphasises the plot and develops the characters.

Overall the trailer needs to be fast moving to keep it interesting with different kinds of music that goes with the genre and the mood of the scenes. The actors need to be realistic and what the audience would imagine them to be.



Key Shots of a Trailer

September 29, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Wild Child

I chose these nine shots because I think they are important to show the look, genre and a little bit of the storyline of this film. They also give me inspiration through the different ways the author has chosen to present these things.

1. I chose the first image because I think that the three different images all put together would be useful in a trailer because there is only two minutes and we need to give the audience as much information as we possibly can. In this trailer, the images show different aspects of the teenage girl’s previous life in Malibu.

2. This shot is important in the trailer as, to me, it sums up the lifestyle that this girl has: shopping, expensive things and many friends. These kind of shots are important at the beginning of a trailer to give a swift but detailed introduction to the main character in the film.

3. This is a shot that occurs after the trailer has explained why the main character’s father chose to send her to boarding school. The character’s glamourous lifestyle is combined with her naughtiness put her in this position and in this shot all of that is shown to the audience. It is shown through the amazing view off the edge of the balcony and the wet-edge pool and also her outfit appears to be fashionable and expensive-looking but she has ruined it without caring.

4. I like this image because the fact that the weather compliments what is happening in the story is very effective in helping the audience to understand what is happening. I would like to include an element of this  ‘pathetic fallacy’ in our film trailer if possible.

5. This image is important as it is part of a montage of shots in the trailer which introduce the love interest of the film. He is extremely attractive and they are driving off in a convertible and the scene appears very romantic. We have chosen the same genre as this film so shots like this could provide us with ideas for how we will show the main relationship in our trailer and which actor or actress we should use.

6. I chose this shot for the same reasons as the previous one. It is another romantic setting which appeals to audiences because this romance could be something they would like to have in their lives. This especially applies to teenagers or young people which our trailer will be mainly targetting.

7. This image is important within the trailer as it shows how the main character changes in the film as at her new school she has now made friends and joined in with school activities. It also contrasts to teh previous image of the boarding school in the pouring rain as it is far brighter and almost sunny.

8. This is another image to show how the girl is fitting in with her new friends and she has changed completely from the images shown at the start of the trailer. This shot appeals to audiences as it shows us that the film leads towards a happy ending and the ungrateful rude girl at the beginning changes to become much nicer.

9. I chose the final image showing the title of the film because I think that it effectively sums up the ‘feel’ of the trailer that the director is aiming for. This will be used as inspiration by our group because having appropriate and effective titles is important.


Mood Board

September 29, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

As a group, we thought about all of the various things that were related to our genre. We then looked through many film magazines but also referenced teenage magazines to find images that better represented our genre. In the top left hand corner we chose to use cut-outs of many different colours that we intend to include in the ‘look’ of our film trailer, poster and magazine cover. Having a certain ‘look’ or ‘feel’ within a marketting campaign will allow the audience we are aiming to target to associate the trailer, poster and magazine cover with the film and also with other films of this genre. We included many images of couples together as one aspect of our genre is romance and we also chose words which we believe are related to the genre and the trailer we intend to create. There are also pictures of a few different younger or teenage actors and actresses which usually appear in this type of film and that ideally, our film would include.


Style Analysis: The Holiday Trailer

September 28, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

A Art Of The Title Analysis of cinematopraphy in “The Holiday” (2006)

Analysis of cinematography

The top left picture shows a scene, where one woman character (from the US)  is kicking out her husband. The cinematography is great, it is a low angle shot, filmed over the shoulder of the guy. You can see her emotions.

The top middle picture shows the other woman character from England. She is with her best friend, at a work party. The guy she loves announces on that party, that he will marry someone else. The fact, that she is upset, is not said, but reflected in her mime and is also shown by her drinking alcohol, which is a stereotypical thing to do.

The top right picture shows some titles. The titles are on a blue background, which gets lighter to the centre of the picture. This shows that we should not be afraid to tell bits of the stories with texts. It is very common to do, and it has the advantage, that over that a voice over can tell something else. You brought 2 important messages to the viewer in a short time.

The middle left picture shows the woman from the US contacting the woman from England with the same problem. They are chatting in the intenet, tye computer in the picture makes that clear. Parallel to that, the picture shows her work environment which always tells a lot about the character.

The picture in the middle shows the woman from England and her delightful reaction on the fact that she is going on a house exchange to america. The close up really shows the emotions, which can be read from her face.

The split screen on the right picture of the middle row shows quickly, that the two characters now changed positions and are at each others houses. A very wuick way of bringing the message across, instead of explaining this. The two planes are flying into different directions and meet half way. This imitates their real movement.

The bottom left picture shows the woman from the US travelling to the small cottage in the courtyside. This shows their different origins, they are grown up in different environments.

The bottom middle picture shows the US character and the new guy she met in England kissing. This is a very important picture for the understanding of the film, because that is basically, what it’s all about in that movie.

The bottom right picture shows the character from England and the new guy she met in L.A.! The two girls have found their new men, they trailer ends, but the story has only just began….


Trailer Analysis: P.S. I love you

September 23, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

Trailer Analysis of the 2007 film “P.S. I love you.”

The trailer starts of with the logos of the production companies and a voice over of the main girl character. This takes the viewer straight into a little argument by the main guy and her. They are in a bedroom, just getting changed for bed. How these things are, at the end they realise how much they love eachother and start kissing eachother and he sais: “I’m not going anywhere.” On his voice there is a a fady echo and the picture fades out and a title fades in “His life ended”. The music before had quick nice beat, it was happy. This now stops and a dramatic sound fades in, together with a slowmotion close up shot of him when he was still alive. A voice ofer sais “Gerry’s life might be over, but he will live forever in our hearts.” This is a dramatic change from the mood from the argument, like all the couples have them, to the dramatic situation where they are in love but he dies.

The story told in the trailer is that he dies, but he had letters prepared for his girlfriend. These letters will get to her in many different ways in many different circumstances. She doesn’t know about it, and so the trailer shows the scene in which she realises that, in that way this gets explained to the viewer as well. After that, there is a montage of a lot of different shots of her reading letters at dfifferent places. The colours are quite happy, and a title “A new life starts now.” fades in. This shows the mood of the trailer. On the one hand, there is this deep sadness about the death of Gerry, but on the other hand life goes on. Gerry, before he died, organised a trip for Holly, the main girl, and her best friends to Ireland, where he is from. He wants her to experience the way he lived before but he also wants her to get over his death, to be able to start a new life. There is a shot montage of the coutryside in Ireland and this shows the big difference to the city life she had in New York. The music in this part of the trailer is a different type again, it is this happier music from the start, it literally makes the viewer overcome the death of Gerry during the time of the trailer.

But the trailer also shows funny scenes of the film and shows that although it tells about a very serious topic, it is not without any humour. Over half way of the trailer, a scene where a frield of Holly walks up to a guy at a party and asks him: “Are you Single? – Yes. – Are you gay? – Yes.”  She then just walks away without saying anything else. A very clever written scene, seriously funny. The trailer then builds up, together with the music, to build the final scene, where the friend goes up to another guy on the same party: “Are you single? – Yes. – Are you gay? – No. – Are you working? – No.”  She then walks away again.

After that, the usual titles like producers and other important people fade in and out quickly, after that the release date.

This trailer is so interesting because it is not just about the serious topic of death, it did not loose it’s space for humour and a laugh.


Analysing Trailer: John Tucker Must Die

September 23, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

The trailer starts off with upbeat rock music that sets the tone for what audience the trailer is trying to aim at. There is a montage of shots to show cheerleaders and basketball players on a court. There is a close up and a low angled shot to show the main character, John Tucker and the experience and the skill that he has.The is then anumber of mid shots and to show that he is very popular in school and there is a voice over explaining that he is “the man.”
There is then a shot of theproduction company which quickly changes to show a shot/reaction/shot of John Tucker having dinner wih a girl which also shows that he has a lot of charm. The camera then shows him at the table with a different girl and then it slides out to the left of teh screen to show him yet agin at the smae table with another girl. Meanwhile the voice over is tellingthe audience in a suprised voice that he has three girlfriends as if the woman telling us this cant belive it herself.

There is then a series of mid shots to show his three girlfriends finding out about the others in his life and they start to fight on a volleyball court with the result being tht they join forces to “kill John Tucker.”To do this they join forces with a new girl wand threw a number of shots shows tht she is very hot and John Tucker wants to go out ith her.

This is a good trailer becuase it gives you th storyline without showing off too much of the film. There is good music which relates to th audience that the film is aimed at.

The next part shows tthrough a series of shots that he can get away with anything and how all the girls th he has hurt in the past want revenge. It finishes on a climax not telling you what they do but leving it to your imagination and this makes you want to what itto find ut how they get their revenge and i he does eventually lose popularity.