October 9, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

This is the storyboard we did for our trailer. It is in form of a comic, and therefore we didn’t put any titles in or something, but we will do that in the final film!



  1. By Simon Dethleffsen

    We found that the storyboard in form of a comic is a very good tool to represent the story and the things around it. With taking pictures, we did not have to draw stick people and then write a lot to describe the shot. We just let the people pose, what we want them to look like, placed the camera in the right angle and took the shot.

    We looked very carefully on the stereotypical appereance of the story and the storyboard, as this is something we will always have to look out for to make the film a success.

  2. By James Grieve

    We made this storyboard to represent our idea for our film trailer. This is a good basis for planning the key shots that we are going to use when we come to making it. It has also made it easier for us as now we can see our storyline in real life rather than just in words. The storyboard shows the love triangle that will be at the heart of our story and the trouble for teenagers when it comes to falling in love.

    Doing the storyboard in a photographic/comic form gives us an advantage instead of just drawing it. It has a higher quality and shows are enthusiasm for the trailer we are about to shoot.

  3. By Gabi Paterson

    As a group Simon, James and I took the photos and created this comic to be our story board. As there are three main characters in our trailer, we just used ourselves in the photos to show the different characters. We took multiple photos for each scene that we intend to show in our trailer and chose the best ones to put together in our story board.

    We decided that using the ‘comic life’ program would be a fun and effective way of portraying our story board. This is because we can include notes on what is happening in the scenes, some dialogue and the character’s thoughts. The comic strip also compliments the teenage ‘rom com’ genre as it is fun, happy and exciting to look at.

    We will also be using the photos that we took on that day for our animatic which we are creating next lesson. It will be more descriptive than our story board and will help us to decide which shots should go where in the trailer and also the placements of production company logos and any titles that we want to include. It will also be accompanied by some of the music that we intend to use in our trailer.

  4. By James Grieve

    Update on Story:

    We have decided to change the story slightly so it will take place just before and during the Christmas holidays. This is due to the fact that the filming will take place during November and December therefore the mise-en-scene will fit in better with the story.

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  6. […] the start, people had a laugh at our storyboard, but they were sceptic in terms of how we wanted to put the nice idea of this “chick flic” into […]

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