Poster Draft

February 4, 2011

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

In the last couple of lessons I worked on the film poster. We had a look again on all the planning for the poster we did, looked at the conventions and came to some conclusions. As the poster is part of the same branding, it needs to be in the same design style as the film itself and the trailer. We took the colourboard from the film, changed the title a little bit, as a more horizontal title looks better on a poster. We left font, colour, stroke the same. We took the same credits, the production company logos and added some more information. The name of the director on the title, and on top the names of the people starring in the film. Again, everything in the same font. Finally, we added “Two’s company, three’s a crowd”, as the main theme description of the movie to the poster, which is used as a taster and hopefully makes the people want to watch the movie. It is a very big quote from the trailer, so people might remember it once they have seen it, and also it is a phrase which is famous and known to everyone, it induces certain feelings within the audience, and that is what we are trying to achieve. This is the poster so far, a photo of the actors will be added:


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