Editing Ancillary Task

February 11, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Currently we are working on completing the editing of our ancillary tasks. The magazine cover has finally been completed and we’re all happy with how it looks. The main aim is to make sure that it contains all of the conventions of a magazine cover and looks like a real life product.

Last night our group came together with our actors to photograph them for our film poster. We took many photos and had a bit of difficulty trying to think of how we wanted the characters to appear on the poster. Today we are placing the photo on the poster which already has text and the biggest challenge now is to get everything to look right. The background in the picture that we chose did not come out in the way we intended which means that the actors had to be cut out and placedover a white background to make it look more effective. Hopefully by the end of this lesson we will have completed our coursework and can move onto the evaluation.

Following are some of the pictures that we took in the photo shoot last night:


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