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Production, Distribution, Exhibition

October 5, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)


A production company that would be appropriate to produce our film would be New Line Cinema. New Line Cinema is an American production company which was founded in 1967 and merged with Warner Brothers in 2008.

As well as being a production company, New Line Cinema’s merger with Warner Brothers allows it access to one of the largest film distribution and marketing companies in the world. It would be appropriate to produce our film because the genre and the storyline are main stream and New Line Cinema has the money and resources to produce our film and trailer in the way we want it to appear.

They also have produced many other films in the same genre like ’17 Again’, ‘Going the Distance’ and ‘Hairspray’.


Because of their merger with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers would be an appropriate distributor for our film.

The size and wealth of this company would allow for our film to be distributed to cinemas all over the world. It is also a very mainstream company and is therefore appropriate for our trailer and film as Warner Brothers often releases films of this genre.

This company will also be able to effectively target the audience we intend for this film. Warner Brothers distribute hundreds of popular, award-winning and notable films every year and it would improve our chance of success greatly if we had this company backing our film.


This aspect of the film’s production process involves the marketting and the advertising of the film and also dictates what cinemas the film will be shown in. In our coursework, we have to create a trailer, magazine cover and movie poster which are all important aspects of the exhibition process. Exhibition of a film is important because it is the process that gets the film out there for people to notice and to go and see. The big film companies like Warner Brothers have far-reaching resources for production, distribution and exhibition so it would be most beneficial for us to allow Wanrer Brothers to exhibit our trailer. As they are such a large company and have produced so many similar movies, credits in our trailer may include “From the makers of…”. This shows audiences that it is a mainstream film which is of high quality and can be associated with the previously mentioned successful films of the same genre.

From the makers of…



Production,Distribution and Exhibition

October 5, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

A main producer that would be perfect for us would be Working Title. They are well known for producing the kind of film we want to represent in our trailer. The romantic comedy genre has made Working Title a famous company which started off as a British company but has now been bought by Universal.

Romantic comedy films  they have produced  include,Wimbeldon,  Bridget Jones and Definitly, Maybe.

Wimbeldon was released in 2003 and grossed $41 million

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was released in 2004 and has grossed over $260 million.

Definitely, Maybe was released in 2008 and has grossed nearly $55 million

These examples show how successful Working Title are when it comes to producing romantic comedy films and this is why they would be a great choice for us.

One of the companies that might distribute our film is Universal Studios. Our genre is quite mainstream and therefore we can use a major production company. Universal would be perfect as they have a lot of experience with the romantic comedy genrewith films such as Along came Polly, Knocked Up and more recently Leap Year.

They are globally recognised and so therefore would be able to distribute the film to a wide ranging audience.

The studios play a big part in winning over the audience. For a lot of them they are famous for representing a certain genre and so to get the right studio to distribute the film is very important for the film makers.

Universal is Hollywood’s second longest lived studio and therefore is one of the most famous in the world. Using them would open up the film to a larger target audience around the world. With a bigger budget the film would gain a higher advertisemnt level and contribute again to a bigger recognitation.

The exibition of the film is vital to making it a success. Without the advertisement no one would become aware of the film or what it was about. Having posters and billboards with imformation on the film is a great way to get it out there. However the best way is still the trailer and this gives the audience the best idea of what the film is about before they come to see it in the cinema.


Institutions for Distribution and Exhibition

October 5, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

The film business is a very complex system nowadays. You hardly get a director distributing his own film and asking local cinemas to play it. This process of distribution is divided into many parts. There is the production of the movie itself. In our case this would be Art Productions, our production company. We then would co-operate with our local distribution company, Universal Pictures, which also distributed our AS film.

However, if we produce a kind of main stream film, which is what we do with our romantic comedy, it is also good to cooperate with one of the main stream distributers. This could be Universal Studios, they cooperate with many smaller companies, like Working Title, and bring their films to the big cinemas.

This is the second big step in the process of how the film comes to the final audience. The diorector and producer have hardly any influence on how the film is distributed. This means, a film can be a great piece of work, but distributed badly: It’s never going to be a success. Another film can be rather badly filmed, but distributed with the right companies, the right budget, etc: The film is going to be bigger than it deserves to be. The distributerso market the film on as many platforms as possible. The internet plays a crutual part in the distribution. Now, we can find trailers on Youtube, every movie has it’s own website, Facebook page, MySpace site, etc.

The distributers then talk to the companies who exhibit the film. The exhibiters advertise the film as well, at least in some sort of way, but this advert is not focussed on the film, but on that people come and watch movies in their cinema in general. One possible big platform to exhibit the film is cinema, the big main stream cinemas would be great for our movie as well. There is for example VUE.

After the run to the cinemas is over, the film can still be exhibited further, for example on DVDs, Blue Rays, on iTunes, etc.