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Final Edit

January 28, 2011

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

Final Edit

Today we finished editing our video. The second rough cut has been quite close to the final version, however we developed a couple of details. The main difference is obviously made by the voice over, which we hope helps to understand the storyline. But as it’s a trailer, we don’t want to tell the story too linear, so a little bit of guessing is maybe not a bad idea. We also put the BBFC clasification in at the beginning, which is very important, and we also changed some shots for the voice over. What we did is in the screenshot below:

When the Voice Over says: “Starring Pheobe Ritchie, Rob Luke and Simon Dethleffsen, there are three shots of each of them when the name is said, and the fast forward shot is moved from there a little bit forward.

And this is our final timeline:

The final product can be watched here. Enjoy!


Voice Over

January 26, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Currently, I am writing the voice over that we will include in our trailer. We decided to use a voice over as it allows us to better explain to audiences what is happening in the trailer. There are many trailers which use the convention of voice over to add excitement, suspense or interest to a trailer. For example, the following trailer for the film ‘Love Actually’, uses voice over to point out previous films created by the same production company and writers and the actors who appear in this film.

The script for our voice over is as follows:

– Everybody’s looking for love, but nobody expects to find it.

– This christmas, two guys, one girl… might just get lucky.

– Art Productions and United Movies bring you a tale of life, love and laughter and how everything can change in a single moment.

– No matter what happens…

– From the people who brought you ‘Make Up My Mind’ and ‘A Diamond’s Glimmer’ comes a love story with a twist.

– Starring Pheobe Ritchie, Rob Luke and Simon Dethleffsen.

– This holiday season prepare to discover the true meaning of the old saying ‘two’s company but three’s a crowd’.

– Head Over Heels, coming soon.

We chose a friend of ours, Phil Eaton to say the voice over as he can manipulate his voice to sound like those that appear on real trailers. We then fed the recording through a voice over program which makes people’s voices sound deeper.


Rough Cut

January 25, 2011

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

This is the rough cut I am referring to in my post about editing below.



January 25, 2011

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

Update on the second rough cut.

Recently I have been working on the second rough cut. I want to try and explain what I did and how, and I will try and refer to my ast post with the stuff we still had to do.

A thing we all were unconcerned about in our group was the speed of the editing. We knew the uploaded video from the end of last term just didn’t reach the speed (even the bits which weren’t just black screen…). We all found it hard, to change this. Coming from our AS task, where we edited a film opening, which had a lot of shots, but all in linear order, this was a point, where we were stuck on. Now, we decided to cross edit many scenes we filmed. This worked really well, it give the feeling of the faster editing without giving too much away of the storyline. There is a slower bit in the middle, which still has to be taken up to speed, but we are confident, that we will get there. You can also see this in the overview of the timeline:

You can see clearly, that there are fewer and longer shots in the middle bit (the third music track at the bottom sound layer). We will work on this. Also, when we showed our rough cut to the class, they advised us to take the flashback scene of Simon with his dad out, as it is one more character in it, but we actually only care about the three teenagers. we will see how this goes in practice, try both out and then come to a decision.

We also inserted two more music tracks. The second one is another really happy track, which fades in with the production logos. We also changed the music in the sad bit, from the character playing the piano we went to a track of, where there is the guitar playing. This sets us in a better mood, as we feel.

We also inserted missing trailer elements such as more titles(the film title and the credits in the end). this can be seen in the second screenshot:

This is the finish bit of the trailer. The girl character is folding the side of the photo, crossedited with what she thinks, she thinks about her memories with the guy she is with now. Then the film title fades in and out, we see the character putting the photo back on the wall, see her face smiling, and on the last beat of the music the credits fade in quickly.

During this period of editing, we tried to find a balance of working with disolves, but not too much, as we don’t want to destroy the mood, in the end we disolved between scenes as well as before and after the titles, as they just look more smooth with disolves. We used cross and additive disolves, as they fit in best.

We also tried and stick with our colour profile from the mood board we did during the planning stage. With the titles we decided on snowy white, bright blue and grey for the credits and strokes. The snowy white in the background was something we tried and stick to at all the times, there should not be a single black frame in the film as it destroys the mood. This gives the feeling of a film on a white happy basis, because even with all the dramatics of the dad’s cancer and love triangle in it, that is the mood we want to put across. It’s a classic happy-ending movie!

But there is still a lot to improve on: In the next days we will have to sort the editing speed in the sad bit out, Gabi is writing the voice over just now, so we can record that as well and put it over the sound. We will need to get the last trailer element in, which is this green screen right at the beginning saying “This has been apporved for all audiences.”

The class also gave us positive feedback, people generally liked our choice of the music and the animation of the titles.



December 10, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

In this post we embedded a version of the film what we did so far. It is not finished in any way, and we have a lot still to do, but watch this first to see our progress:

This are some points we came up with which we still have to do:

  • Voice Over. We were going to ask Phil Eaton to do it, as he has a very deep and friendly voice.
  • Some bits in the clip above are black. This is to illustrate, that we still have to edit some scenes. This includes: James and Gabi getting closer together. Simon telling James about his Dad. Flashback Scenes of Simon and his Dad.
  • All the other scenes are only in a rough edit. We will still need to record the music played on the piano properly, we also need one more “happy” music track.
  • Also we need the green screen in the beginning which states to which audiences the film has been approved to and we need the credits in the end, as well as one or two more titles.

As we can see, there is still lots to do.

At the start of next term we will go on and do the poster and magazine cover as well as finishing off these areas in the trailer.


Trailer Soundtrack 2

December 7, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

In the trailer there is a sad scene with the character Simon when he is sitting next to his dad’s bed. For this scene we have decided to have a piece of music composed for us on the piano. This we hope will emphasize the emotion in the scene but then will lead nicely onto the next scene.


Trailer Soundtrack

December 3, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

In this lesson I have been searching copyright free music websites to try and find some appropriate background music for our trailer. I found two songs that compliment the happy and funny scenes that occur in our trailer. I found these at and intend to include them in our film. I was unsucessful in finding a good sad song for the more emotional part of the trailer but will continue trying!