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Evaluation Questions

March 4, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the conventions of real media products?

The following video is a director’s commentary of my group’s film trailer:


How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Click the following link to view my Prezi:



What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Audience feedback throughout the construction of our coursework has been incredibly helpful in allowing us to better understand what audiences want to see. The genre we chose was teenage romantic comedy for which the target audience would be teenagers. This was useful as the rest of our media class were able to give us accurate feedback from the correct age group. At all stages of our planning and creating, we were repeatedly asking the other members of our class what we should change or develop to improve our film. We also posted our film on YouTube and Facebook to see how many views we would recieve and to try and get some more feedback online.

Recieving feedback from various audiences, both in person and online and from varying age groups allowed us to create a better product that is appealing to more people. The above video taken of various members of our class shows some of their thoughts about our final product. One of the things that kept coming up in our feedback was the fact that the story may not have been clear enough, however, for a film trailer this isn’t always necessary. If was had chosen to improve this, I think that using a few more shots of the characters and dialogue between them could have told the story a bit better or hinted at what was to happen. Another thing that people often commented on was the editing of the music, dialogue and voice over and the fact that these sometimes did not run together smoothly. This could be overcome with a little more time, a better quality voice over and closer editing.

The following image is taken from our YouTube account showing the statistics for our final product. Our group is excited to have had nearly 200 views as this means that people from around school and in the general public have been accessing our video. Using technology like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook allows our trailer to be exposed to even more people and it is interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions, especially those who don’t take media studies as a subject at school. This is because these don’t neccessarily understand the research, planning and creating that goes into our trailer and simply see it as the product which they can compare to real media.


How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Following this is a link to the Wix flash website that I created:


Editing Ancillary Task

February 11, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Currently we are working on completing the editing of our ancillary tasks. The magazine cover has finally been completed and we’re all happy with how it looks. The main aim is to make sure that it contains all of the conventions of a magazine cover and looks like a real life product.

Last night our group came together with our actors to photograph them for our film poster. We took many photos and had a bit of difficulty trying to think of how we wanted the characters to appear on the poster. Today we are placing the photo on the poster which already has text and the biggest challenge now is to get everything to look right. The background in the picture that we chose did not come out in the way we intended which means that the actors had to be cut out and placedover a white background to make it look more effective. Hopefully by the end of this lesson we will have completed our coursework and can move onto the evaluation.

Following are some of the pictures that we took in the photo shoot last night:


Voice Over

January 26, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Currently, I am writing the voice over that we will include in our trailer. We decided to use a voice over as it allows us to better explain to audiences what is happening in the trailer. There are many trailers which use the convention of voice over to add excitement, suspense or interest to a trailer. For example, the following trailer for the film ‘Love Actually’, uses voice over to point out previous films created by the same production company and writers and the actors who appear in this film.

The script for our voice over is as follows:

– Everybody’s looking for love, but nobody expects to find it.

– This christmas, two guys, one girl… might just get lucky.

– Art Productions and United Movies bring you a tale of life, love and laughter and how everything can change in a single moment.

– No matter what happens…

– From the people who brought you ‘Make Up My Mind’ and ‘A Diamond’s Glimmer’ comes a love story with a twist.

– Starring Pheobe Ritchie, Rob Luke and Simon Dethleffsen.

– This holiday season prepare to discover the true meaning of the old saying ‘two’s company but three’s a crowd’.

– Head Over Heels, coming soon.

We chose a friend of ours, Phil Eaton to say the voice over as he can manipulate his voice to sound like those that appear on real trailers. We then fed the recording through a voice over program which makes people’s voices sound deeper.


Final Filming

January 21, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

We recently completed filming the last few scenes that were required to complete a rough cut of our film. Our group now has all of the shots necessary to complete our final film. We’ve created a rough cut to show to the class which we will recieve feedback on. This will be really helpful for us because the people in our class are from the age range of our target audience. Hopefully they can give us borth positive feedback and constructive criticism which will allow us to make the best trailer possible.


Rough Cut and Feedback

January 18, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Recently we have been working towards the final cut of our film trailer which must be finished by the end of this week. At the moment our group have created a rough cut which outlines the trailer but still requires a bit of work. We asked our teacher for some feedback and she pointed out that we need t0 fix up the pace of the trailer and make it a little more fast and exciting for audiences. We took this on board and are beginning to cut down many of the scenes and join them together more effectively. I also went back to watching trailers of the same genre to make sure that we have not lost sight of the task that is intended.

We have the final scenes of filming still to do, simply because we’ve gotten to the end and chosen to include some more scenes that we didn’t get around to filming last term. All should be finished in the next two days and ready to be edited in time for the end of the week. Once we’ve made our final cut, it will be placed on youtube and facebook and shown to our classmates to encourage feedback from people within our age group.



December 8, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

9th December:

Today our group are going to have our final filming session. This is the last session of filming that we are able to do before the end of this term as one of our actors, Pheobe is leaving on Thursday and the school term ends next week. Hopefully we will be able to complete all of the filming that will be necessary to create our trailer and can concentrate on editing and completing our trailer!

10th December:

The shots that we took yesterday were good and our group have enough footage to complete our trailer. We are going to edit it all together in today and tomorrow’s lesson so that we can export our film so far and post it on this blog to show our progress so far.


Trailer Soundtrack

December 3, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

In this lesson I have been searching copyright free music websites to try and find some appropriate background music for our trailer. I found two songs that compliment the happy and funny scenes that occur in our trailer. I found these at and intend to include them in our film. I was unsucessful in finding a good sad song for the more emotional part of the trailer but will continue trying!