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Film Trailer: Head Over Heels

January 29, 2011

Rough Cut and Feedback

January 18, 2011

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

Recently we have been working towards the final cut of our film trailer which must be finished by the end of this week. At the moment our group have created a rough cut which outlines the trailer but still requires a bit of work. We asked our teacher for some feedback and she pointed out that we need t0 fix up the pace of the trailer and make it a little more fast and exciting for audiences. We took this on board and are beginning to cut down many of the scenes and join them together more effectively. I also went back to watching trailers of the same genre to make sure that we have not lost sight of the task that is intended.

We have the final scenes of filming still to do, simply because we’ve gotten to the end and chosen to include some more scenes that we didn’t get around to filming last term. All should be finished in the next two days and ready to be edited in time for the end of the week. Once we’ve made our final cut, it will be placed on youtube and facebook and shown to our classmates to encourage feedback from people within our age group.



December 10, 2010

By Simon Dethleffsen (69559/3250)

In this post we embedded a version of the film what we did so far. It is not finished in any way, and we have a lot still to do, but watch this first to see our progress:

This are some points we came up with which we still have to do:

  • Voice Over. We were going to ask Phil Eaton to do it, as he has a very deep and friendly voice.
  • Some bits in the clip above are black. This is to illustrate, that we still have to edit some scenes. This includes: James and Gabi getting closer together. Simon telling James about his Dad. Flashback Scenes of Simon and his Dad.
  • All the other scenes are only in a rough edit. We will still need to record the music played on the piano properly, we also need one more “happy” music track.
  • Also we need the green screen in the beginning which states to which audiences the film has been approved to and we need the credits in the end, as well as one or two more titles.

As we can see, there is still lots to do.

At the start of next term we will go on and do the poster and magazine cover as well as finishing off these areas in the trailer.


Casting Shots

November 16, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

 These are the cast shots of our three characters.

 This is Simon one of the two best friends in the story. He is the more quiet one who finds it hard talking to girls. Although he is popular he does not put himself out there and is more reserved than James.

This is James the other of the two best friends. He is very popular and confident not afraid around girls and knows how to have a good time.

Gabi is the new girl in school. She is popular straight away as she is very funny, kind and good looking. She develops a strong relationship with Simon and James however it is James that really catches her eye.

We chose these people to act in our trailer as they are young and have some acting experience as they do drama and have performed in school plays.


Cast List

November 10, 2010

By Gabi Paterson (69559/3754)

We have finally reached a decision about who our cast members will be for our trailer of our film ‘Head Over Heels’.

  • James: Rob Luke
  • Gabi: Pheobe Ritchie
  • Simon: Simon Dethleffsen

For  the roles of Gabi and James, we chose two people from our school who both take drama as a subject and are excited for the opportunity to help us out by acting in our trailer. We also chose people who are reliable so that we can be assured that they will be available and show up on time for filming with the necessary costumes and props that may be required. For the part of Simon, we chose to use Simon from our media group as we can be assured that he is committed to creating a high quality trailer and he better understands what we are trying to achieve. This still leaves James and I available to film the scenes that Simon is acting in.

We are all very excited to commence filming on Sunday of this week!


Secondary Audience Research

November 3, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

Using the Pearl ad Dean website I looked more in depth at the kind of audience would go and see our film. With emphasis on the locations and social backgrounds.

This graph shows that more young middle class people go to the cinema and this is the audience we are trying to target. The young well dressed sociable group that see romantic comedy as a reflection on and a twist to their own lives, be it at university or beyond. Even though there is a small population of  young people they make up more than half of the number of people who go to the cinema.

The audience choose to go to the cinema and spend money because they are relaxed and receptive and who are greatly anticipating.

It has been proved that having such a captive audience means that they remember far more advertising than if they were watching television. This shows that going to the cinema and watching films is very important.

Cinema and films offer a rare sanctuary for people to get away from the speed and stress of everyday life.

All of this proves how important film is and how we need to make a trailer that engages with the audience, as it is films greatest advertising tool, so they will want to go and see the entire production.


Story Arc

October 7, 2010

By James Grieve (69559/3347)

This is the synopsis for the film that we will portray in our trailer. We want to have an interesting storyline that conforms to the traits of the romantic comedy genre.

James and Simon are 18 years old in their last year at boarding school. They are best friends, inseparable, nothing has ever come between them from when they were growing up playing football in the park to those great nights out. However that is all about to change. There is a new girl in school, Gabi. Smart, funny and beautiful. She has just moved from the local day school and she very quickly becomes popular and this draws her towards James, popular in his own right. Through their experiences over the following months the two boys start to grow apart as James is drawn closer to Gabi and this will test their friendship to the limit.  James and Gabi start to spend more and more time together which develops into a relationship . However the Christmas holidays are fast approaching and just as everyone is about to leave to go home Simon receieves shocking news. He must now spend the summer nearby at his dads house caring for him as he is dying from cancer. With James away on holiday in America Simon feels more alone than ever before. With his absence Gabi and Simon start to grow closer together and this leads to a relationship neither of them expected. When James returns Simon must choose between loyalty to his oldest friend and the girl he now loves. However due to this James and Simon’s friendship starts to break apart and things will never be the same again